Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday 9/18

Went to the Iron Girl clinic/meeting at Penn Cycle tonight - babysitter fell through - so once again the kids are involved in my training. Took along the double stroller - we lasted 1/2 an hour before impending meltdown forced us to leave.

My takeaways - no one comes in last - even if there is nobody behind you there are how many thousands of people who are just getting out of bed - you're way ahead of them.
true so true.

First-timers - don't worry about time. How are you supposed to know what your time should be when you've never done this ? Just have fun and finish.

Only two people got kicked off the course for going too slow - so I think I can do it.

Tape pictures of things that motivate you or make you smile on to your handlebars - that will keep you going when things get rough.

- then Ben started screaming - time to make my exit....

Tuesday - Wednesday 9/16-17

Tuesday 9/16
Spin Class at lunch - got final motivation and advice from Dee. She also gave me some great stretches to to for my hip - also to use between biking and running.

Wednesday 9/17

Took it easy - just walked downtown and back. Went to bed early - allergy season coming on full force. My nose is stuffy and sneezy - my eyes are watery with green circles under them. Pretty.

Thursday 9/18

Daycare closed today- owner is sick. Peter and I did half days. I am supposed to go to Iron Girl clinic at Penn Cycle tonight.

Monday 9/15

Ran to the Heritage Plant and back at lunch today. Approximately 3 miles. Have a bit of a hip issue. It's a dull ache. Nice run though.


Advice from Penn Cycle employee. Went there to get some gear the other night he asked me if I was doing Iron Girl. I said yes - He was familiar with the race and everyone coming in and said "Just go out there and have fun! Enjoy the energy from all of the other women, don't get too worked up about it. You'll have a blast!"

I will keep that in mind - I'd been having some anxiety about it. But he helped put it in perspective. This is my first time. I have been out of the fitness mix over two years being perpetually pregnant. I just want to finish.

Saturday & Sunday September 13-14

No workout - what a rainy soggy weekend it was .
Kids were sick and snotty too. So we didn't really leave the house on Sunday.
We did go to the Target Children's Book Festival on Saturday - but it was also a rainout - no bands played. Bummer.

Wed - Thursday

Wed 9/10

Run/Bike/Run - indoors.

Thursday 9/11

Walked downtown and back at lunch
Went to First Ave: Does dancing count as a workout? I think so!

Tuesday 9/9

Took the day off - got up early with the intention of doing 2 loops and one lake loop run. It was chilly out in the am. I need to remember to wear gloves. I ended up doing one loop (no gum this time) and then ran around the neighborhood at home. It's going to be rough switching from bike to running. I need to make sure I stretch well before running.
Didn't go to MOA. Did get haircut.

Monday 9/8

Ran and biked at lunch - looking forward to a day off tomorrow. Vivian has her 9 month appointment when she's 10 months. Taking the day off since the appointment is in the middle of the day - also hoping to check out an event at MOA for Parents magazine. Then getting a haircut later - life maintenance day.

Duct Tape Solves All Problems

Friday, September 12

Got an Iron Girl e-mail newsletter today - what to eat to prepare, what to bring on race day. Great information. Yet race day anxiety is starting to creep in.

Went out at lunch to run around the river. It seemed brisk out so I wore some old yoga pants to run in.

Good news is - they are now too big.
Bad news is - they are now too big.

I couldn't run without holding them up with one hand. Very awkward and uncomfortable way to run. Well, it just so happens after I crossed the Stone Arch Bridge and ran down St. Anthony Main I saw that they were setting up for Oktoberfest. (which my friend Sara is in charge of).

I literally ran into her along the street - told her of my pants dilemma. She directed me to a roll of duct tape. I wrapped it around my waist. Voila! The pants stayed on and I was able to finish my run comfortably.

I looked like a complete dork.

But I was a dork with my pants up above my hips.

Wind is a 4 Letter Word!

Sunday 9/7

Sunday, September 7Did just one loop tonight 11 miles. Very windy. Hoping race day isn't like this. My quads are getting as big as redwood trees I swear. One thing with training - the scale has remained at a constant but the clothes are fitting looser. (except in my legs!)

I blame the gum, I popped a piece in my mouth before the ride. And I think it made me lazy. Chewing gum is a laid back not fast thing to do. I got wrapped up in my thoughts during the ride and realized I was way behind my usual time. Oh well - not every time is going to be ideal. I just basically did a ride in the park - casual loop. I'll leave the gum out of the equation next time.